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2010-05-05 21:24:05
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2012-02-20 14:39:54
Ti ljudi o kmijoa ti pricas su sutnuti u dupe kao zastareli, zatucani i prevazidjeni. Sve mu to dodje isto, al' nema veze. Dosli su novi, pametniji, koji shvataju naprednu, evropsku orijentaciju. Ko je nama kriv sto ne shvatamo njihov genij?A da bezim od proizvoda koje reklamiraju na tako savremen nacin, bezim glavom bez obzira. Necu bre da kupim i tacka!A jes' i ko mi je kriv sto me otac napravio pogresno, kao zensko, pa ne shvatam zasto?Jebale ih reklame! Vekovima ne videh neku dobru koja ce da me, sto ti rece, naterati da pevam i da u zatrku odem u radnju da taj proizvod i kupim.
2012-02-21 10:31:31
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2014-10-18 00:34:03
Certain comments we felt were "over the line" were deeetld, mainly ones of a personal nature. This item is being closed for comments.But, not before our own editorial comments.Ms. Reed brought much of this upon herself, with her own "body of work", as it were. (That's a pun on the now-infamous "nude series".)We don't really feel sorry for her. She has a tendency to "join the fight", and we're actually surprised she hasn't shown up here. Maybe she is mindful of what she went through in Philadelphia.In our opinion, it's difficult to use the phrase "high journalistic standards" close to Ms. Reed's name without breaking into gales of laughter.But we have to hold our comments section to the same standard as we do for other personalities in this market or this state...even if we're pretty sure she likes the publicity, even negative.So, assuming she lands this gig... good luck to her in Houston, and thanks for the memories in Cleveland.(Honest, that wasn't an intended pun. Honest.)--The Management
2014-10-20 13:06:09
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2014-10-20 16:29:42
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