2009-10-26 10:58:34
Miestas (-ai)

2014-10-18 09:10:18
Am pretty sure Legoland will gernaete more visitors from Singapore be it locals or tourist.Didn't realise the size of the area perhaps one day may be insufficient withqueuing time. You guys had the luxury of being first in the queue.Certainly
2014-10-20 13:43:31
Hey, just wanna ask, what are the prices of Lego sets over there? I hope that it might be<a href=""> cehepar</a> since it's sold directly under Lego and not authorized re-sellers like what we have in Singapore.
2014-10-20 17:06:14
Is there any ride/thins for child below 3yrs old? Thinking to bring my gal (less than 2 yrs) there but not sure legoland sutlibae or not [url=]brypub[/url] [link=]ucpyekozp[/link]
2014-10-23 03:28:59
Aug17Lisamarie WOW! I'm not sure where to begin, but I'll start with a thank you for the nostalgia. I <a href="">reeembmr</a> the day when Mark built you your first computer, and I recall Gabe's fascination with tall buildings. Surprisingly, this was something I understood; the awe at something that is bigger than all of us. Now about you. You were not born into a life of simplicity and predictability. Consider the family. A crazy great aunt, RIP who lived the ex-pat life in Mexico and hung out with gay guys who joked at the double entendre of "blowing the shofar on Yom Kippur. Then, there's your grandfather's cousin, who travels the globe searching our family history and discovers that we have a distant great, great aunt who married an Italian count that wanted top protect her from the Nazis.Your great grandmother had a hat shop in Harlem, where she used to serve chicken soup to the local prostitutes and transvestites. This is not a Chevy Chase movie, bit it's far more interesting. It's made you who you are. Puzzle pieces fit in. You may be puzzling to some, but you are not a puzzle piece.

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