2013-04-27 18:48:58
Miestas (-ai)

2014-10-18 01:48:04
Nu va aš pavyzdžiui norėčiau pabyndat gyvai pažaist. Bet nežinau nei kur eit, nei nuo ko pradėt Iš draugų niekas nėra žaidę gyvai, o paklausius vat kad ir tokių istorijų apie ten būnančius žmones, iš vis dingsta net mintys ten eit. Aš tai jau senai mastau, kad kažkas galėtų tokiems kaip aš, kurie nėra sėdėję prie gyvų stalų paorganizuoti pažaidimus. Something to think about!
2014-10-20 13:12:02
Maybe that is a good reason to have the EIT in Hungary...The UK, Germany and France can't have<a href=""> ehenytvirg</a> - the rich would just get richer, in IP terms.[a UK based EPA]
2014-10-20 16:35:51
As with othaders, I also disadcovadered the EIT series with the Amaadzon freeadbie, Darkadhouse. While sllrocing on Faceadbook, Pixel of Ink popped up with the Friadday / Sunadday mornading / whatadever __day freeadbies that may or may not exist anyadmore. I think that paradticaduadlar day, I chose 3 of the 4 offered. I won’t deny, Darkadhouse hung out on my Kinaddle for a bit. I’d been readading other tripe, tryading to “fit in” and so when it came time for my next thrilling advenadture, I selected Darkadhouse and thought “what thea0heck.” I immeaddiadately related to Perry. As she talked about not likading her job but not really sure where she fit in with things, I was TOTALLY feelading it, cuz I was also *really* hatading my job, and quesadtionading things and all that junk. I read it over a week, likading what was going on, lovading Perry’s inseadcuadriadties, and also walkading that line between feelading offended and flatadtered at Dex’s mixed sigadnals attenadtion. I liked it enough to realadize I was in it for the long haul. I bought the rest of the Kinaddle books, but was still unsure through Red Fox. It defadiadnitely had some great scenes, but I still felt it was a bit awkadward in places. But, as secadond dates go, I wasn’t goinga0away.Then, I read The Benadson and proadceeded to squeal like a litadtle girl. Outadloud. With Dead Sky Mornading, I was ready to have this book’s chiladdren. Lying Seaadson broke my heart to litadtle litadtle pieces. On Demon Wings just put me through the ringer. Old Blood and Dex Files were great comadpany while I chewed on my nails and licked my wounds.The EIT series started the tiniadest flames of inspiadraadtion within me, and oddly enough, showed me the sunadshine on the other side of my darkness.So, thanks. Thank you ever so much for creadatading these charadacadters, they give me exceladlent peradspecadtive, and lots of fun. =a0D [url=]qtvemysy[/url] [link=]hkotwgqh[/link]
2014-10-23 02:57:33
I accic2addenc2adtally came across EIT at smash-books, Im<a href=""> ralley</a> into werec2adwolf novc2adels and i did a search and it came up on the list, i was readc2ading the intro and it didne28099t perk my interc2adest to downc2adload it, I did find a book i wanted which was some clicks later, but heres the thing.. i didne28099t read the title of Dark house and i autoc2admatc2adic2adcally assumed i had downc2adload the corc2adrect werec2adwolf book. I started readc2ading it,and because i loved the wit how perry as a charc2adacc2adter was i was intrigue to keep going, then i thought hmm wait a min this book is startc2ading to very much sound like a parac2adnorc2admal plot which i so stare clear of books like so, im not into scary ghost stoc2adries or as such as EIT, but i couldne28099t not stop readc2ading it.. i was blown away at the clear funny wit of this writer whom wrote this charc2adacc2adter and it keep me wantc2ading more to see where this book would finc2adished. i loved it! it was funny and i keep going now im waitc2ading on the 6th book. I found that because it was sexy and funny a lot of times and omg, its so good because even tho it s ficc2adtion based it was very much felt like a non ficc2adtion instead! it touch base with so much truth it<a href=""> ralley</a> opens up good conc2adnecc2adtions with the charc2adacc2adters and .. 4days later not sleep well nor eatc2ading.. I can say it was GOOD FUCKING BOOK.. well done karina. well done. im hooked on perry and dex duel such a match. And your charc2adacc2adters are so wonc2adderc2adful flawed its perfect.
2016-06-28 13:56:53
This ariclte went ahead and made my day.
2016-06-29 02:47:50
Yeah that's what I'm talking about <a href="">ba-inb-yce</a> work!
2016-06-29 06:29:42
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2016-06-29 16:16:43
That <a href="">inshigt</a> would have saved us a lot of effort early on.
2016-07-01 04:18:23
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